Online ah Zomi laibu kingah bangbang teng om hiam cih ka zong kawikawi leh, muh ding na tam phalo hi. Amazon ah Rev.Dr. Gin Khan nang laibu gelh thulu Zomi Christianity and Cultural Tranformation cih khat na om bil bel hi.

Tua mun ah a laibu leh ama thu them na kigelh a nuai bang ahihi.

"Rev.Dr. G. K. Nang is one of the leading Baptist leaders in North East India. He completed his B.D. from United Theological College, Bangalore and Th.M. from International Baptist Seminary, Switzerland. After his retirement from the Church he pursued his doctoral study at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California and completed his Ph.D. in 2010.The present book is the result of his research work. He has written two books in Tedim languange and edited the monthly magazine of the Chin Baptist Association and Zomi Baptist Church, Mizoram. He was awarded a certificate of the "Writer of the Year" by the Zomi International Network group for his contributions in writing articles in 2009. He is a pastor, writer and missionary."

Agennopna ah, Pu Rev.Dr. G.K. Nang pen India Malsuah khawk a dingin Baptist makai madawk khat hi a B.D pen Inited Theological Colledge pan, Th.M pen International Baptist Seminary, Switzerland pan zo ci hi. Tua ban ah a tawlnga khit ciangin Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Carlifornia ah doctoral degree 2010 kum in va sin a lawhcing takin zo thei ci hi.

Pu G.K. Nang in laibu 2 Tedim pau in a gelh banah Chin Baptist association ( Lamka) leh Zomi Baptist church, Mizoram te bawl laihawm tuamtuam ah zong lai gelh den ci hi. Ama laigelh siamna leh hanciamnate hangin Zomi International Network te'n 2009 kum in " Kumsim Laikungpu Pahtawina" zong pia uh ci hi.

A thukhupna ah amah pen pastor, laigelh leh gupkhiatna thu hawmkhia khat ci hi.

Ama laigelhbu thu kigelna omlo in, a laibu ahi " Zomi Christianity and Cultural Transformation pen:

Laimai 344
Laihawmkhia LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( August 2, 2013)
ISBN-10: 3659414646 ( ISBN pen leitung theihpih laibu ciamtehna hi.)
ISBN-13: 978-3659414640
Laibu dung le vai, sahdaan : 6*0.8*9 inches
Agikna 1.1 pong
Amazon best seller rate: 5,417,162 ah om hi.

Atunga bangin leitung online laibubuk minthang penpen ahi Amazon ah kuamah peuh in vel theih den ding in om ahihi.


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