Zogam Charter

First Edition

September 18, 2021


Zogam Declaration




Objectives and Core Values


uthority and Duties


Interim Governance

Article- - V : Roadmap

Article -VI Security

Article VII Finance

Article-VII : Mobilization and Operation

Article-IX : Amendment and Miscellaneous

Article _X : Ratification

Zogam Declaration

Whereas the recognition of the right to self-determination of indigenous people of the world is an objective and self-evident truth, the Zomi, as indigenous people with inalienable rights by virtue of being autochthonous to a given territory, Thereby declare, to all Zomi residing in different parts of the world and all the nations of the world, that:

1. 'The Zogam Charter encapsulates all matters pertaining to Zogam and Zomi - land and its resources, governance and federal affairs thereof. Zogam Charter upholds the ideals of freedom, truth and equity in its truest sense and firmly advocates the realization of all public good which stems from these ideals.

2. Zogam Zogam refers to all contiguous Zomi-inhabited areas which are currently in Myanmar territory Geographically, Zogam denotes the indigenous territory of Zomi people extending from Chindwin River in the East, to the territories along the international border inhabited by Zomi people in the West, to the territories along the international border inhabited by Zomi people in the North, to the border of Falam in the territories of Zomi people in the South, to the southern region of Kabaw Valley till Manipur River basin.

3. Zomi refers to the indigenous inhabitants of Zogam, who by virtue of birth and blood, are one as people, being rightful owners of the land and resources.

4. Zogam enjoys all rights and provisions provided in the 1947 Panglong Agreement in matters of self-determination, autonomy, rights over land and resourees, as a rightful stakeholder in the federal democratic union.

5. Zomi people enjoys the right for self-determination; that the Zogam Parliament is the supreme house of t the people in Zogam and has the sole authority to take decisions on behalf of the Zomi people as per the Constitution through a democratically elected people's government. As per the Kuala Lumpur Declaration and the resolution adopted at the 2019 Zomi International Conference, the establishment of Zogam Parliament will be based upon the ideals, principles, goals and objectives as outlined in the Zomi Charter. On matters concerning the Zomi people, their desires, aspirations and will of the majority of the people will be final, and Zogam Parliament shall respect the will of the majority.

Zogam Declaration

6. Zomi and Zogam shall enjoy equal rights and freedom - of distinct culture, tradition, history and all privileges emanating from their indigenous identity

7. Zogam as in the inhabitants and the indigenous people, the land and its natural resources on and beneath the land, the ait, water, flora and fauna, collectively belongs to the rightful ownership of the Zomi people.

8. All inhabitants of Zogam respect the universal basic rights of belief, religion and worship, culture and tradition, equality and liberty. All inhabitants of Zogam shall enjoy all individual rights and liberties as per the Zogam Constitution.

9. ogam Charter is an affirmation of the core values of the Federal Democratic Union in post 1948 independent Myanmar, for ethnie federal state of Zogam for Zomi people.

10. May the Almighty God bless this Zogam Declaration and Zogam Charter, help us realize the cherished ideals enshrined in it for a Federated Zogam and Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

Zogam Charter

Article-I: Introduction

In the process of the establishment of a Federal Democratic Union in Myanmar, this ogam Charter is a proclamation on behalf and for all the Zomi people to liberate ourselves from the majoritarian rule, and to realize our long-standing dream of an independent Zogam for Zomi.

We affirm the scope of this Zogam Charter as applicable and extending to all territories inhabited by the Zomi as indigenous land and holds an equal standing with other ethnic federated states and units in the Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

Article - II: Objectives and Core Values

1. We uphold this Zogam Charter, to first and foremost, end all forms of violence, brutality, armed conflict, including all forms of d oppression in Zogam and pave the way for the realization of a truly democratic polity with rule of law.

2. This Charter outlines the need for a Military Code of Conduct that respects human rights and human values, for the security personnel working at the behest of the government, in the army, military and police, whose duty is to protect the people and promote security

3. Zogam Charter envisages a Federal Union wherein the human rights, democratic rights, indigenous rights, civil and political liberties are upheld under the Zogam Federated State.

4. Govemnment of Zogam Zogam Federated State shall, in agreement with the core principles of federalism in a democratic system, by the will of the Zomi public, introduce a framework for power sharing, revenue sharing, resources sharing, fiscal sharing with the Govemment of the Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

5. Zogam Charter calls for the strengthening of a common Zomi identity for all Zomi people as against the forces of "divide and rule" that attempts to create divisions within the ethnic Zomi people.

6. Zogam Charter commits to the ideals of nation building for the Zomi people, to consolidate our identity and territory, and to promote the well-being of our people as a whole.

7. 'The Charter shall strive for the establishment of rule of law, governance and institutions for peace, growth and prosperity of Zomi as a nation and people.

Article- III: Authority and Duties

In order to make possible the fulfilment of the objectives and basic values outlined in Article -II;

1. This Zogam Charter relies on the consent of all Zomi groups worldwide, including civil society organizations, institutions, political parties, and churches.

2. It is the responsibility and duty of every individual Zomi to work for the realization of the vision and ideals in this Zogam Charter.

3. Zogam Charter, with relevant amendments wherever necessary, will be in effect as the guiding document for establishment of a federated Zogam, until the finalization and adoption of Zogam Constitution.

Article - IV: Interim Governance

1. W ith the breakdown of Myanmar government and its institutions in the wake of military coup in February 2021, leading to a vacuum in the political leadership, omi Re-unification

Organization established the Zomi Political Coordination Committee (ZPCC), to lead, guide and conduct duties on all matters related to the Zomi and Zogam, for such period until democratically elected Zomi representatives are installed.

2. Until democratically elected Zomi representatives and adoption of a Zogam Constitution is in place, ZPCC will be the representative of Zomis on all matters related to the Zomi and Zogam.

ZPCC will work without favor or prejudice towards any group within the Zomi, and in the best interests of Zomi nation.

3. ZPCC shall accommodate Zomi CSOs, CBOs, church based organizations, political parties. and their leaders, intellectuals, eldets, and any such resourceful persons considered relevant for the Committee

Until the establishment of a Federal Government by the Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar, PCC can constitute, including but not limited to, the following departments for the welfare of Zogam and the Zomi people:

(a) Department of Federal Affairs

(b) Department of Legislative Affairs

(c) Department of Judiciary Affairs

(d) Department of General Administration

(e) Department of Finance

(f) Department of Public Relation

(g) Department of Information and Media

(h) Department of Defense

5. ZPCC cabinet will have a Chairman, Chief Functionary Officer and Heads of Departments with powers to collectively take executive decisions on behalf of the Committee The members of the ZPCC cabinet shall have one vote each. In case of a hung cabinet or in the event of inability to arrive at a precise, conelusive decision, the Chairman has the right to veto and take final decision on the said matter(s).


1. Work for the establishment of a Federal Democratic Union, and the realization of the objectives, values, principles and goals enshrined in the Zogam Charter, ZPCC will work together ith the National Unity Government in Myanmar, and internal and external stakeholders including governments, political platforms and any such relevant stakeholders.

2. Build pathways for the realization of Federated Zogam within a Federal Democratie Union of Myanmar.

3. Develop working relationships and partnerships with other ethnic nationalities, nations and any other stakeholders who support the cause of a Federated Zogam within the framework of Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

Zogam Constitution will be tabled before the Zomi people to be the guiding and binding document in Federated Zogam, and shall be enforced upon ratification and adoption by the majority of Zomi people.

5. Zogam govermning body will be established to take lead in the immediate govemance of Federated Zogam.

6. Initiate demarcation of boundaries within Federated Z ogam into districts, townships and towns, as per the traditional and indigenous territorial arrangements that have been abided for generations.

7. Zogam Govemance, Zogam Development Master Plan and their implementation strategy will be developed, and improved upon from time to time, which will articulate the policies and principles of Federated Zogam.

Article- VI: Security

1. There will be only one armed force bearing the name of Zomi, responsible for the security of Zogam.

(a) Zomi Revolutionary Army - Eastern Command (ZRA-EC) is the sole authorized armed force to protect the interests of Zogam and Zomi.

(b) Zomi National Volunteers (ZNV) will support and assist ZRA-EC. ZRA-EC and ZNV will have one Commander-in-Chief.

(c) Commander-in-Chief of ZRA-EC owes his/her accountability and responsibility to the Zomi people.

(d) Until the establishment of a Federated Zogam govemnment, Commander-in-Chief of ZRA- EC willwork to protect Zogam as per the policies and decisions of ZPCC.

2. Steps will be taken to ensure that no armed forces other than ZRA-EC with ZNV operates in Zogam territory.

3. Other than the decisions taken by the will of the people, ZRA-EC will not subject itself to be a subsidiary or a part of another armed force or group.

Article - VII: Finance

1. For the purpose of undertaking activities under ZPCC plans w and policies for Zogam, the Zogam Fund shall;

(a) Receive financial assistance and support from the Zomi public, communities, ies. villages, townships and individuals.

(b) Receive financial assistance and support from any government and non-govemnmental sources, organizations or groups.

2. The Finance Department will be responsible to mobilize, operationalize and maintain the Zogam Fund, and undertake resource mobilization including any necessary plans to ensure that Zogam Fund is well endowed to support the activities of ZPCC

3. A taxation policy will be enforced within Zogam with unambiguous taxation regimes for different economic activities and resource sharing from the Federal Democratic Union.

Article - VIIl: Mobilization and Operation

1. The concerned departments led by the respective heads/secretaries, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, will undertake activities concerning their departmental work, and report to ZPCC cabinet.

2. Any information of matters related to the media must be published and broadcasted through the Department of Information and Media with prior approval of ZPCC Chief Functionary Officer. 

3. Until the Federated Zogam is installed,

(a) Department of Defense shall be responsible for all matters conceming the security, safety and protection of Zogam, military operations, community policing.

(b) Commander of Operations of ZRA-EC/ZNV, with the permission of Commander-in-Chief, ZRA-ECIZNV, shall represent the organization in building military relationships and liaising, conducting joint operations, information sharing, ete. with Minister of Defense, NUG and EAOs who share the common agenda and objectives, for the protection, security and safety of Zogam and Zomi people

(c) All matters relating to Federal and Governance affairs shall be the responsibility of Department of Federal Affairs.

(d) All matters relating to legal and legislative affairs shall be the responsibility of Department of Legislative Affairs.

(e) All matters relating to upholding candor, fairess, equality and justice in Zogam, within ZRA-EC and ZPC, shall be the responsibility of Department of Judiciary Affairs.

(f) Until the formation of a Zogam Federal government, Department of General Administration shall oversee the affairs of general administration at the district, township, town and village levels. The Department shall carry out its activities in proper consultation and cooperation with the community leaders and elders, church and youth leaders.

(g) Department of Publie Relations shall be the nodal department for all matters concerning with communication, dissemination and building of credible and transparent relations with the people of Zogam, based on the objectives, principles and values enshrined in Zogam Charter and the activities of ZPCC

(h) Department of Information and Media shall publish and disseminate whenever and wherever necessary the communications of ZPCC to the people of Zogam, allies and exteral agencies, for the realization of the goals enshrined in Zogam Charter.

Article -IX: Amendment and Miscellaneous)

1. ZPCC shall convene Zomi Convention or Emergency Zomi Convention, and motion for an amendment to the Zogam Charter, should the need arise.

2. ZPCC shall endeavor for the fiulfilment of the democratic aspiration of the people on the principle that power lies with the people of Zogam.

3. Based on the core values of respect for human rights, democratic principles and federal spirit, ZPCC shall endeavor to work for the realization of a Federated Zogam.

ZPCC shall strive for its goal of Federated Zogam without any diserimination based on regional background, gender and socio-economic status, and shall work for equality, equity and faimess for all Zomi.

5. ZPCC shall not cause violence to the public of Zogam, and shall strive for a peaceful, secure Zogam.

Article-X: Ratification

For the work that lies ahead, for the fiulfilment of our democratic aspirations, and for the realizationof a Federated Zogam, and to undertake the various functions and activities of ZPCC, we seek the guidance, blessing and benevolence of Our Almighty God, and hereby give our consent and ratify this Zogam Charter, on this date and date.

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