Dated: May 5, 2023

Condemnation of Hate, Violence, and Targeted Killings 

A Joint Statement from the Zomi-Kuki-Mizo in the USA

We are shocked to hear about the brazen perpetuation of arson attacks, lootings, and targeted killings of the indigenous Zomi-Kuki-Mizo in Manipur, India, and condemn such criminal acts in the strongest possible terms.

These heinous acts of targeted killings, destroying more than 41 Christian churches, and torching houses must stop immediately. We express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families
of the victims killed in the violence, and our prayers for victims of the mass violence that is being perpetrated against the Zomi-Kuki-Mizo, including the ambush on Mr. Hon’bles Vungzagin Valte (Member of Legislative Assembly from Thanlon constituency).
According to the recent reports from the ground made by reputed regional, national, and internal media journals, and accounts shared by our people in the state, many of the indigenous ZomiKuki-Mizo have been forced from their homes to find shelter in nearby Central Reserved Police Force (CRPF) camps, Indian Army camps, etc. (excluding Police stations). 

We call for the perpetrators responsible for inciting such communal violence and hatred to be held accountable. Further, the indigenous tribes were apprehensive about the intention of the state authority in implementing the environment conservative policy of the state in their ancestral land without following the proper procedure. Many were served eviction notices, derecognizing certain villages, and destroyed houses including their churches, even before the current pogrom started. We support the Manipur indigenous hill tribes in the struggle for their rights and justice.

We call for the international community to condemn gross human rights violations against them and reiterate our urgent call for an immediate intervention of the Government of India (GOI) to end the conflict and ensure that the indigenous Zomi-Kuki-Mizo in Manipur are protected from the violence being perpetrated upon them. 

We appeal to the concerned authority to ensure longterm solutions with regard to the recurrent violence being incited on the state’s indigenous tribes by facilitating ongoing processes of political talks to establish an inclusive political settlement that ensures the Meitei and the indigenous hill tribes in Manipur live in peace and harmony.
Organizations signed by,

1. Zomi Community USA (ZIUSA)
2. Central Mizo Society of America (Central MSA)
3. United Zo Organization (UZO)
4. Kuki Inpi US


▪️ Here is the lastest Update
Churches attacked/ransacked/burnt in Manipur:

1. EBCC Game village
2. CBA Game village
3. KBC New Lambulane
4. EBCC Paite veng
5. Catholic Church, Paite veng
6. Mizo Presbyterian Church, Checkon
7. Catholic Church, Canchipur
8. MEBCC, Thamnapokpi Moirang
9. EFCI, Sangaiprou
10. KBC Game village
11. ECA
12. KCC
13. GVCC
14. Chongthu Baptist Church, New Lambulane
15. Langol Christian Church
16. EBCC Lamphel
17. EBCC Langol
18. ZCBC, Tribal Colony
19. Meitei Christian Church, Tribal Colony
20. EBCC, Tribal Colony
21. Catholic Church, Tribal Colony
22. MELC, Tribal Colony
23. St. Paul Church, Koirengei
24. EOC, ZPC, Tribal Colony 
25. ICI Church, Lamphel 
26. Khulakpat ICI Meitei Church
27. Kumbi ICI Meitei Church 
28. Moirangkhunou ICI Meitei Church 
29. Phubala ICI Meitei Church  
30. Salvation Army Church, Chairel
31. Salvation Army Church, Kuakeithel
32. ICI Mission Compound, Checkon
33. Zo church
34. Meitei Christian Church EFCI, Lamphel
35. Thangkhul Church, Lamphel
36. EFCI Church, Lamphel 
37. LVC Vaiphei Church
38. Kuki church Opposite MI office.
39. Mao Church 
40. Toupokpi church EFCI
41. Keinou Church EFCI

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