Dear, All Zominam

 January (08-19) 2015 ni dong  ZDF te Pu Paul Pau makai nataw ZDF-CEC (3) te UBC Central Zumpi ah The Nippon Foundation te leh Hledan Centre ah EU te tawh ahi zong in ACF te ahi zong in World Food te sapna tawh kizui in Nasia tak in ih Zominam te ih Zominamgam khantoh nading Meeting nasia tak in kingei khawm theihi.

Tedim Khuapi

A Brief Grateful Statement

S/no - ZDF/50/2015

             A brief grateful statement on account of meetings with the International Sectors of Humanitarian Concerns Agencies such as the Nippon Foundation, the (EU) ECHO of Myanmar, and the Food and Security Operational Projects during the 8th to 19thJanuary 2015 in Yangon.

  The inhabited area of northern Chin State, Myanmar called Zomi area has been isolated and ignored for many years and the realistic environment was never unearth to the outsiders. However, from the 8th to 19thJanuary 2015 the local based organization called Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF) leader Pu Paul Pau and two other Central Committee members had meetings with Dr. Desmond Molloy the Programme Director of the Nippon Foundation and his colleague Programme Director and Project Manager. Then the Head of (EU) ECHO Myanmar- Sir, Nicolas LOUIS, Directorate- General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection and his colleague the Programme Manager, Peace Support, Deputy Head of Cooperation and Political Officer. ZDF also met with Mr. Samir Maleh- Country Director, ACF and Mr. Guillaume Foliot- Deputy Country Director- World Food Pragramme.

                Such kind of a meeting is in living memory for the first time submitting the realistic environment in the Zomi history. On behalf of all the Zomi people, ZDF submitted the pestilent natural disaster of plague in Zomi areas. ZDF submitted the future vision and plan of ZDF for holistic development of the rural and isolated communities. ZDF also proposed to the International Sectors of Humanitarian Concerns Agencies working together to eradicate poverty and inhumane condition of the Zomi people. And establish sustainable life; develop personal dignities and human rights. This kind of a friendly close conversation is the first time based on the local Zomi representative. As a result it is the milestone of the Zomi history. We are so grateful to the important persons who we met to, for their attention and positive response. So, in line with the meetings will be positively resulted all in good time in the near future.

                  All in all, as the New Year 2015 begins the new chapter of Zomi history will be started. Because, the realistic environment of the Zomi has been submitted to the International Sectors for Humanitarian Concerns such as the Nippon Foundation, the (EU) ECHO of Myanmar, and their related organizations. This is the paramount important milestone in the Zomi history. In line with the positive response of the meetings will be materialized soon in all good time in the near future. Therefore, it is the endless strong expectation and warmly welcoming statement of ZDF on behalf all the Zomi people, that ZDF and the International Humanitarian Concerns- Organizations will be working together cooperatively for the development of the isolated Zomi people continuously from now and then.

21st January 2015

Zomi Development Foundation (ZDF)

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