1. Manipur State sunga om Zosuan Zotate mihing vailo takin Innte, Biakinnte kihalsak a, khuasung pan kihawl khia in, kiman kithat in, kivua kisat a, liam leh bai in a omna uh lainatna leh thuakpihna kong pulak uh hi.


2. Hibangin minam cimang dinga kibawlna, minam mimal tamzawte in minam mimal tawmzawte zawhthawh in bawlsiatnate Leitung (UNO) in aphal hetloh banah India Constitution leh Manipur State Constitution inzong phal hetlo ding ahihna tawh kizui in minam mimal tawmte ading lungmuanna leh daihna hong omkikna ding lunggulhna kong pulak uh hi.


3. Hibangin Manipur State sunga om Zosuan Zotate in haksatna na tuah hun uh leh Myanmar gam buaina hangin ko zong ka haksat mahmah laitak uh tawh kituak ahih manin akilawm zah kong panpih zawhloh uh hangin thungen khawm ding hanga, Topa in hong zawhpih ding hi.


4. Hibangin Zosuan Zotate in haksatna I tuah laitak in Online leh Social Media Platform tuamtuam pan in muhdahna, kosiatna leh zuauthu suahnate khawlin kipumkhat a, I haksatna kipuakpih in gualzawhna tawh mual I suahkhop liailiai ding lunggulhna kong pullak uh hi.

Press release 

1. We express our sympathy and empathy to our brothers and sisters, the Zosuan Zotate in Manipur State as they are inhumanely treated as their homes and properties are being vandalized, looted, and destroyed by being burned down, the people being forced out of villages with nowhere to go, churches set on ablaze by arsonists and the people being seized and killed. 

2. Knowing that these genocidal violent atrocities by the dominant majority on minority tribes are unquestionably against the UN charter and against the Constitution of India and the Constitution of Manipur State, we express our deepest heart desire to see peace and tranquility to come back in place in the State among the minorities. 

3. While we regret that we cannot render much help to Zosuan Zotate in Manipur because we have been currently undergoing an unprecedented difficult time too in Myanmar, we firmly believe and have faith that we will overcome and prevail these insurmountable hardship if we are united in prayer to our God together. 

4. While Zosuan Zotate are living through an unimaginable difficult time, we strongly urge that hate speech, false accusations, and blatant lies on social media platforms be immediately stopped and that we should rather work toward unity, bearing one another’s burdens and overcome these challenges together.

ZYA Hqtr. Myanmar

Date : May 08, 2023

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